A Guide for Styling Your Independent Living Home

Home Decor Tips: Your Senior Living Interior Design Guide

When it comes to interior design, a wide array of colors, patterns, and textures tend to come to mind. In spite of the fact that styles and decor have changed over the years, one thing is certain and that is the need for functionality within senior living interior design. Functionality is in the forefront, however, the possibilities are endless when it comes to conveying your sense of style in interior design through colors, textures, and finishes. 

Read on to learn about some of the most popular trends and styling tips for decorating your luxury independent living home.

Top 3 Design Trends for Luxury Independent Living Space

It is common for design trends to change on a yearly or even monthly basis. Trends can even last for a decade, fade, and then reappear after some odd number of years. The main function of senior living interior design will always be wellness, labor-saving, and functionality—however, this can be conveyed in a variety of ways. In terms of styling your luxury independent living home, here are some of the top design trends to keep an eye out for.

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1. Natural Tones 

Decorating with neutrals is timeless and versatile, making it a perfect choice for independent senior living. Together, the tones and the space create a calming and tranquil environment, making it an ideal place to retreat from the bustle of daily life. As the color palette ranges from variations of white and gray to charcoal and earthy browns, these colors are suitable for any room. South Carolina’s sea islands provide the perfect location for experimenting with interior design and bringing a bit of the southern coast into your home with these natural tones.

A neutral color scheme can not only create a cozy atmosphere but can also serve as a foundation for even more bold pops of color that create contrast and enhance natural lighting. Whether it is knickknacks, throw pillows, accent walls, or furniture, natural colors complement senior living interior design ideas exquisitely.

2. Color Blocking

For those who wish to add excitement to their homes through their use of colors, color blocking is the perfect solution. Although color blocking is largely associated with clothing fashion, its appeal in interior design should not be overlooked. In terms of senior living interior design, there are several types of color blocking approaches, including bold matching, half and half, abstract, and off-the-wall. 

Bold Match Up

The bold matchup involves placing two opposing colors on perpendicular or adjacent walls. This is a very bold move as the entire room will revolve around the specific match-up. Accents such as various metal finishes or varying textures can add a touch of modern chic to the space. 

Half and Half

For half and half color blocking, you will follow the same steps as previously described, except that your contrast will be focused horizontally rather than vertically. To make an even greater statement, you may choose to use paint and wallpaper to achieve this. 

Abstract Color Blocking

By using the same method, abstract color blocking can also be achieved. However, the focus is on various shapes and colors in addition to contrast and colors. 


In the same way, off-the-wall color blocking with accessories can be considered. As a result of these two methods, you are able to find a sweet spot with your room design if you are concerned about going too bold.

Whatever level of boldness you desire, color blocking offers a variety of options. In addition to adding color and dimension to your space, it allows your personality to shine through.

3. Solid textures

Textures can add a great deal of character to a room, but solid textures seem to be the most popular for senior independent living facilities. As a result, it creates a simplistic and easy-to-clean appeal that other fabric textures are unable to provide. With the right color palette, a solid texture can have a significant impact. 

This can be demonstrated by placing a simple vase on a polished end table or incorporating gleaming rose gold accents and refined metal embellishments throughout the room. The solid texture of the material provides a sleek mid-century modern aesthetic that is well suited for today’s tech-savvy retirees. Various metal finishes can be used to bring your style into the room and combined with muted colors to create a luxurious independent living environment.

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