A Day in the Life: Seafields at Kiawah Island

Luxury Independent Senior Living Apartments at Seafields

As you approach retirement, you want to be able to enjoy the comforts of luxury. Our goal at Seafields at Kiawah Island is to maintain a balanced state of mind, body, and soul. As a result, we provide opulent amenities that are unmatched. In addition to unlimited leisure activities, Seafields senior living apartments offers an atmosphere that embodies the southern charm of the Lowcountry. Read on to discover what it’s like to be a member of our Life Plan community and to truly indulge in the lock and leave lifestyle.

Waking Up to Lowcountry Luxury

At Seafields, waking up in your luxury senior living apartment means waking up in the lap of luxury. We will handle all your housekeeping needs, so you can rest assured that your tedious chores will be taken care of. Our goal is to ensure that you begin your day in comfort by providing everything from the weekly cleaning to the laundry with this lock and leave way of life. 

Wellness and Socialization

Start your day with mindfulness and a bit of socialization in the modern and state-of-the-art yoga studio. If you wish to have a solo session, you are welcome to utilize one of the multipurpose rooms available for community members. Yoga enthusiasts looking for some sunshine and a nice stretch can head out to one of the many paths or trails that provide the perfect layout for sunrise yoga. In addition to providing ample space for low-impact sports, there are golf greens nearby for golf enthusiasts, as well as a variety of trails to explore the island.

Self-Care Amenities​​

For a calm start to your morning, enjoy a morning walk with your furry companion as you sip a cup of coffee and ease into the rest of your day. If you are considering self-care, the relaxation has just begun. Take advantage of the Urban Nirvana Spa in Freshfields whenever you feel like being pampered. Your day may have just begun, but you have surely already worked up an appetite. Take a stroll through Freshfields or explore the Seafields central dining area , where you will find a variety of food options that will surely delight your taste buds.

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Afternoons at Kiawah Island

During your time at Seafields, you will find a variety of activities to engage in and many things to discover. This island offers a wide variety of opportunities for exploration and even more options for satisfying your hunger. Take on the day and discover the various avenues for an unforgettable experience.

Explore the Town

You may enjoy a meal at Seafields Bistro, one of the four dining options available to satisfy your taste buds. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you may contact the concierge services and arrange to go into the main part of Kiawah Island to experience various dining options and shopping. Explore a wide variety of quick and on-the-go dining options from breakfast to dinner. Discover fresh-caught seafood and authentic local cuisine as well as some of the most picturesque scenery on the island. 

Mid-Day Shopping

Once you’ve had your fill of delectables, you can begin your shopping journey. There are a variety of interesting shops on Kiawah Island that are sure to satisfy any taste. One of the most well-known is Palmetto Scent Studios. They offer a wide variety of candles, and you can even create your own scent. It is an exciting adventure, and it provides an opening for a new hobby. If you have brought your pet with you, stop by Dolittle’s to purchase a special gift. Pets deserve to be treated too, so you can offer them a selection of the finest treats and toys. 

Pets not only provide companionship but they offer a number of health benefits as well. Read our blog to find out how pets and pet therapy can benefit seniors.

Discover a New Hobby

Retail therapy may not be your cup of tea, but focusing on a few hobbies can be the perfect solution if you would like to explore some of your interests. There are several multipurpose rooms available that can be used for crafting and group activities. Thanks to Seafields’ expansive amenities, you can fill your mid-day with a variety of activities.

Discover Amenities at Seafields at Kiawah Island

Seafields at Dusk

The activities at Seafields continue to flourish as the sun sets. Active residents often enjoy outdoor activities, such as swimming at the resort-style pool in the late afternoon. In the Palmetto State, you will enjoy the wonderful climate that makes this a perfect activity for relaxing and unwinding in the lap of luxury. If you wish to enhance your opulent experience even further, you can indulge in one of the island’s fine dining establishments. Make your way into the town and discover the many fine-dining options available on Kiawah Island.

Fine Dining

An advantage of a variety of dining options is that you can experiment with different foods and adjust your diet to meet your dietary restrictions. There are several dining options at Seafield, including the Main Dining Room, Bistro, Bar, and Outdoor Patio. In addition to fine dining, we also offer casual dining and take-out options. Our culinary offerings highlight healthy options and locally sourced ingredients. An experienced culinary team brings its best to every dish while a nutritionist consults with our chefs regarding special dietary needs. Please feel free to invite your family and friends to join you for meals and to enjoy the lock and leave amenities Seafields provides. 

Outside of Seafields, Ryder Cup Bar offers oceanside elegance for those in the mood for a variety of specialty drinks. There is an outdoor area to truly take in all that the island has to offer. Indulge in the freshest and most lavish seafood at The Atlantic Room. At this fine dining restaurant, you can enjoy phenomenal cuisine alongside stunning ocean views.

Rest and Relaxation

Once dinner has been completed, you may wish to visit the library for some quiet reading time. In case you are in the mood for socializing and entertainment, you may want to check out the state-of-the-art theater room. If you wish to continue exploring the area, Kiawah Island offers beautiful sunsets at dusk. Therefore, be sure to take a leisurely walk along its trails and witness a Lowcountry view unlike any other. Your days at Seafields will be filled with plenty of activities and opulent amenities tailored to suit your lock and leave lifestyle, so you can expect a truly enjoyable experience. 

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Live in Opulence at Seafields at Kiawah Island

The most important thing to consider when choosing senior living apartments is to ensure that the amenities fit your lifestyle and that you ask the right questions. At Seafields, we value opulence as well as a seamless transition into an active lock and leave lifestyle. The staff at our luxury Life Plan community is readily available to assist you with your needs and provide you with the resources to enjoy your retirement. 

Our Life Plan Community offers 90 spacious independent living apartments and a variety of floor plans. Moreover, the location on Kiawah Island offers picturesque views and enables all of our residents to feel as if they are on vacation every day. The community and personal development at Seafields allow you to take advantage of your independence and accomplish all your goals. 

To contact us about joining our community, click the button below. A new life of leisure awaits you.