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Top 3 Senior Living Industry Trends and Features

Adapting to a new environment can be challenging, but having a floor plan and features designed with functionality in mind can make all the difference. Senior living industry trends demonstrate how your environment can contribute to a higher quality of life. Modern senior living environments provide everything you may need, from design and color palettes to technology implementation. 

Read on to discover the top trends and features in senior living.

1. Incorporating Technology

There are several types of technology available for seniors, ranging from streamlining communication to providing entertainment. Through increased bandwidth and fewer dead zones, communities are enabling residents to access Zoom calls, telehealth appointments, and other online services at a fast and uninterrupted rate. In terms of communication, technology has virtually no limitations. With smartphones, tablets, and smart home technology, you can make traditional phone calls, send text and voice messages, and conduct video chats worldwide.

Seafields at Kiawah Island offers keyless door entry as one of its smart home features. Furthermore, it improves convenience and security, provides better access control, as well as providing a sleeker and more modern look for your home. Read our blog to discover the benefits of a modern independent living community.

With the advancement of technology, seniors will be able to improve their wellness in a number of ways. Fitness apps, for example, let you track your vitals, fitness goals, and health score across a variety of devices. Some wellness equipment even features TechnoGym technology to simplify workouts. With just a touch of a finger, you can track your steps or check your heart rate. Whether you are making a cup of coffee or video chatting with family members across the country, seniors today are more tech savvy than ever before.

2. Space and Functionality

Many senior living communities are improving independence as well as encouraging active socialization by providing spacious yet comfortable living accommodations. Living spaces and how they function directly affect the health of older adults. Aside from selecting soothing color palettes, architects and designers are incorporating more natural materials and lighting into their designs to promote both mental and physical well-being.

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3. Outdoor Spaces

A key component of today’s senior living environments is providing residents with a sense of home. Outdoor living spaces play a critical role in providing a welcoming, hospitable environment. By providing a meeting place for friends and family visiting, outdoor environments can also enhance social interaction among residents.

Gardens can help residents relax, stimulate activity, and increase engagement. There is even evidence that experiencing outdoor spaces may slow the progression of dementia or improve memory function. Some residents find routine or normalcy in gardens or greenhouses. In addition, by planting flowers, picking vegetables, and watching things grow, residents feel more connected to their communities.

At Seafields, we value creating a welcoming outdoor space for our residents. In addition to our independent residences’ private balconies and verandas, we also offer a myriad of other luxury outdoor features. See the opulent comforts that we offer by exploring our amenities.

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In terms of thoughtfully designed floor plans, senior living provides the most contemporary and functional layouts. From the use of technology to the spatial awareness approach and outdoor living, these trends in senior living are sure to set the tone for a comfortable lifestyle after retirement. We at Seafields offer a variety of amenities to make your Lowcountry experience even more enjoyable, including recreation rooms for gatherings, walking paths and trails, and state-of-the-art fitness studios. Aside from the opulent floor plans, our community offers a variety of contracts and services that can assist you in settling into your new lifestyle. To learn more about joining our community, click the button below to speak to our team. We look forward to meeting you!