8 Popular Podcasts for Seniors

A Guide to the Most Popular Podcasts for Seniors

If you are thinking about retiring soon, you want to make the transition as seamless as possible. Leaning into helpful resources, like podcasts, can help provide advice, resources, and entertainment for this new life transition. With the touch of a button, you can stay up to date on the latest news and entertainment wherever you are. The benefits of listening to podcasts for seniors are numerous and can enhance the quality of life after retirement. 

Read on to discover the best podcasts for seniors and how to stream them.

podcasts for seniors

Where to Find the Best Podcasts

You can stream podcasts on most smart devices including your phone, tablet, or laptop. Today’s seniors are equipped with the knowledge and information to not only stream but also create their own podcasts. These streaming services offer both paid and free streaming for music, videos, and podcasts:

  • Apple Podcasts: For those who own an iPhone, Apple Podcasts come built into your phone. With its simple design, the application makes it easy to get started listening to podcasts.
  • Spotify Podcasts: Another top contender for streaming podcasts is Spotify.  Even though Spotify’s podcast list is a bit more selective, it’s still a good option for jumpstarting your podcast listening experience.
  • Google Play Music: For Android users, Google Play Music is a prime choice for enjoying podcasts. This is a free application, but it can also be accessed via a web browser, saving you a bit of battery life and allowing you a larger view of the application.

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Top 8 Podcasts for Seniors

Now that you know where to stream, let’s take a closer look at some of the most highly-rated podcasts for seniors.

podcasts for seniors

1. Stuff You Missed in History Class

This podcast really lives up to its title. Stuff You Missed in History Class attempts to fill in the gaps left by most general history classes by exploring historical events’ social, cultural, and political significance. The episodes cover various topics, including obscure royalty, psychiatric disorders, and even the beginning of the pineapple trade in Hawaii.

2. TED Talk

“TED began acting as a scene for experts to deliver their influential speeches in 1984 at a technology, design, and entertainment conference. In 2006, they shared the first speech online with the rest of the world.”

It is almost impossible to match the variety of subjects covered by TED Talk. This includes, but is not limited to, discussions about: 

  • Climate change
  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Culture
  • Health care

The maximum talk time for a TED Talk is 18 minutes, but most of its speakers are asked to speak for three to nine minutes.

Subscribers can listen to this podcast on the go every weekday. With over 2,800 talks on nearly every subject, TED creates an inspiring space in podcasts for seniors to listen to the world’s leading thinkers and doers.

3. Aging in Full Bloom

Aging in Full Bloom is exclusively dedicated to wellness topics related to aging. With Lisa Stockdale as your host, you’ll get useful insight and entertainment. In these podcasts, you’ll discuss anything and everything you need to know before, during, and after retirement.

4. Guided Meditations

In Guided Meditations, psychotherapist Tara Brach walks the listener through calm discussions of body and mind. After a long day, listeners can relax with these short, nine to 25-minute episodes. It can be very beneficial for seniors and their mental health. You can use these episodes to reduce anxiety and create a sense of calm in any environment.

5. Better Health While Aging

In the podcast Better Health While Aging, Dr. Leslie Kernisan and her guests discuss everyday health challenges for seniors. Aside from discussing how to avoid these challenges, the group also explains how to handle them and heal. In this podcast for seniors, you will learn practical health tips covering a wide range of topics to promote a healthier lifestyle.

6. The Daily

The Daily is a podcast produced by The New York Times. It summarizes and comments on world news through interviews with journalists. For seniors looking to stay up to date on global news, The Daily is one of the top podcasts to listen to.

7. Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio, named after the book it’s based on, is the most popular podcast for seniors. With this podcast, seniors can gain a better understanding of economic principles and how they affect nearly every aspect of their life — including their retirement and pop culture.

Steven Dunbar, the co-author of the original book with Stephen Levitt with the same title, hosts this podcast. Freakonomics mainly discusses how economics influences our daily lives, culture, and health and features interviews with several intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Even though the show focuses mainly on economic concepts, it covers almost everything about reaching goals and becoming your best self.

8. Lux Radio Theatre

Lux Radio Theatre was actually a radio show running from 1934 to 1955 and featured an adaptation of Broadway plays. Voiced by iconic stars like Judy Garland and John Wayne, Lux Radio Theatre will be a throwback to a simpler time. As a podcast that evokes nostalgia and familiar rhetoric, it is an excellent place for seniors to begin their podcasting journey.

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