CCRC Living Costs: A Snapshot

Retirement Community Cost Calculator: CCRC Living

Understanding the costs associated with joining a new community is essential when transitioning to life after retirement. When you retire, you have more leisure time to enjoy the activities you love, so joining a CCRC, or continuing care retirement community, could be the ideal solution for you.

Read on to learn more about CCRC contracts and a retirement community cost calculator.

Aging in Place vs. A CCRC

You must consider the big picture when choosing the best retirement options. Discuss the possibility of transitioning to a new community with your loved ones and weigh the benefits of doing so. When you decide that senior living is the right choice for you, the next thing you should examine is your communities of choice and lifestyle. There are many opulent amenities available in communities like Seafields, allowing residents to enjoy a life of leisure and luxury. 

It is important to note that one of the major differences between moving to a community and aging in place is the cost. It is important to note that one of the major differences between moving to a community and aging in place is the cost. You must consider the cost of aging in place from all angles, including mortgage payments and your future healthcare needs. As a result, CCRCs make it easier for you to enjoy your retirement and adhere to your plans for leisure and freedom during your retirement.

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CCRC Contracts and Cost Analysis

In order to make the most informed decision when transitioning into retirement, it is critical to review the various contracts available. Whether you require assisted living or advanced nursing care, or if you prefer to age in place in an independent living community, these contracts offer a variety of options designed to meet your coverage needs. Here are the various types of CCRC contracts and what they offer.

Type A (Extensive or Lifecare) 

Though typically not offered for most CCRCs due to its expensive nature, Type A contracts offer a relatively stable monthly service fee that includes residential services, amenities, and healthcare. This contract type is an all-inclusive option with predictable costs, however, the monthly fee may change due to inflation and ancillary expenses over time. Overall, this all-inclusive contract provides complete coverage for a high price.  

Type B (Modified Fee-for-Service) 

Type B contracts, or modified fee-for-service contracts, include most of the services and amenities offered by Type-A contracts. However, additional fees may apply if a resident requires assisted living or skilled nursing care. A discounted retainer rate is generally available for these services.

Seafields at Kiawah Island is a modified fee-for-service Life Plan Community that offers a discount on Lifecare benefits. To learn about entrance fees and more, read our blog.

Type C (Fee-for-Service) 

Also known as a fee-for-service contract, a Type C contract provides a lower entrance fee as well as some or all of the amenities and services associated with Type A and Type B contracts. In order to cover the full market rate in the event that assisted living or advanced nursing care is needed, the resident’s monthly fee will increase.

Rental Contracts 

There are no entrance fees associated with rental contracts, although there may be a small community fee. In comparison with entrance fee communities, the level of residential services and amenities differs, and this is reflected in the monthly service fee. In most cases, rental residents have priority access to healthcare facilities, but are not guaranteed access, as opposed to entrance fee contracts. Rental contract residents pay the full market rate.


In contrast to entrance fees, equity or cooperative contracts allow residents to purchase their home or condominium and pay a monthly service fee or homeowners association dues in lieu of entrance fees. Generally, health care services are offered at full market rates or at a slight discount.

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Retirement Community Cost Calculator: Things to Consider

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When it’s time to choose the proper contract you want to also be sure that you’ve calculated all of the costs. There are several things to consider when looking at a retirement community cost calculator that can help you narrow your options and choose the correct path. The following are some factors to consider when retiring and moving into a new chapter of life.

Mortgage and Rent vs. CCRC

Maintaining a mortgage after retirement can be challenging, and can have a significant impact on your quality of life after retirement. Your decision to continue your mortgage payments will depend on a variety of factors, including your assets and post-retirement income. Taxes and insurance will depend on whether or not you’re still paying a mortgage and the type of retirement plans you have available. When making the first move into a new phase of your life, it is imperative that you understand these price comparisons. At Seafields, your monthly fees include all taxes. 

Caregiving Fees

Understanding your current and future healthcare costs is vital. You’ll need to also keep in mind inflation as well as the rising cost of healthcare across the board. Understanding and maintaining your health can greatly affect these numbers.

Do you want to be prepared in retirement? Read our blog to learn how to prepare for rising healthcare costs.

In terms of Lifecare benefits, Seafields at Kiawah Island offers a variety of options. Assisted living residents, for example, can receive 90 days free of charge, followed by a 40 percent discount on the market private rate for the rest of their lives. A resident who requires skilled nursing may receive 30 days free of charge and a 20 percent discount on their market private pay rate for up to one year.

Transportation Options

Some communities like Seafields come equipped with local transportation services included at no extra expense, so depending on your need to travel and drive, you’ll need to consider the various transportation options and costs that come along with various retirement communities. If you’re planning on maintaining your own vehicle, you’ll have to cover the costs associated with car maintenance. To better explore the community, no matter which plan you choose, transportation will be an important factor.

Groceries and Meals

Many continuing care retirement communities offer a variety of dining options and included meal plans, but you must maintain your own grocery and dining budget if those options aren’t available. As an example, Seafields offers four dining options, including bistro dining, patio dining, and lounge dining, making it easy to enjoy everything from grab-and-go to fine dining. With your monthly fees, you will receive “campus cash”, which is equivalent to two meals per day. Credits can be rolled over and used to visit family and friends.

Wellness and Activities

When thinking about life after retirement, it is important to consider healthcare. Seafields has an on-site MUSC clinic with integrated technology that streamlines all of your healthcare needs, so you can be sure that you are well covered. It is important to consider the availability and accessibility of activities, whether they are physical or recreational, along with wellness. All of these things can help to guarantee a sound mind, body, and spirit following retirement.

Start Your Retirement Journey at Seafields

To make the best decisions for retirement and transitioning into the next phase of life, it is important to consider all factors, such as cost, benefits, and a retirement community cost calculator. Seafields at Kiawah Island offers a variety of CCRC contracts and advantages to make your transition into retirement seamless. This Life Plan Community offers luxurious amenities such as a resort-style heated pool, bistro-style dining, as well as various wellness and recreational facilities. Every day feels like a vacation for residents of Seafields. Click on the link below if this is the lifestyle you want to uphold. We look forward to starting you on your journey!