Is Independent Senior Living Right For Me?

Independent Senior Living: Is it a Good Fit for Me?


If you are considering independent living, you may question whether it is the right choice for your lifestyle. After all, deciding to live in an independent senior living community is a big life change, and we understand that decision cannot be made overnight! 

To help you weigh your options, continue reading for three common misconceptions about independent senior living, as well as five questions to ask yourself before making your decision.


Common Misconceptions about Independent Senior Living

It’s common to fall victim to the many misconceptions about independent senior living, which may cause some of your hesitancy. In most cases, independent living myths are simply based on misguided and misdirected information, which is why it’s important to understand what senior living is, and what it is not.

Senior living is not an institution.

Independent living communities are exactly what the name implies — they’re communities that provide a myriad of amenities to help make the most of life after retirement. You are in charge of your lifestyle and have access to areas outside of the community. In some places, you’ll be provided parking so that you may come and go as you please.

Seafields provides its residents with opulent amenities ranging from entertainment and wellness to dining and transportation. To learn more about the amenities, click here.

Independent senior living and assisted living are different.

Residents of independent living communities are often required to be over a certain age, but this does not necessarily mean they require assistance. Independent living and assisted living are often confused, but they are not the same.

Independent living requires self-sufficiency with daily chores and the ability to navigate the surrounding area. Many people are attracted to this type of community because it reduces the stress of managing a mortgage and retirement. Further, they appreciate the simplicity and comfort this lifestyle provides. A large number of independent living residents participate in leisure and recreational activities and live a relatively active lifestyle.

Assisted living involves specialized staff to assist residents with daily activities like bathing, getting around, and taking medications. Be sure to double check your needs to determine which lifestyle is best for you. Several communities cater to both types of living environments, so be sure to do your research.

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You can still enjoy the life you’re living.

Choosing an independent senior living community does not mean you must leave behind your life of luxurious daily activities and fine dining. Several communities offer fine dining options nearby, golf courses and patio lounges, as well as other adventurous activities within close proximity to enjoy during your spare time.

Independent living communities offer a wide array of hobbies and activities that will enable you to maintain a similar, if not enhanced, lifestyle filled with relaxation. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to brush up on your current interests as well as learn something new by participating in community events and workshops.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Now that we have a shared understanding of what senior living is, it’s time to look at the questions you should ask yourself when contemplating independent living. The following five questions can help you identify your specific preferences for maintaining your lifestyle and easing your daily routine while considering independent senior living.

1. Is maintaining your home becoming a burden?

As you near retirement, it is common to feel overwhelmed by your mortgages and insurance, as well as your estate. Home maintenance can be a tedious undertaking. Independent senior living provides you with less house and more home, as well as housekeeping and regular maintenance services to ensure your home runs smoothly. Several landscaping solutions are also available to enhance your luxury living experience and eliminate the need to perform tedious yard work and home repairs. 

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2. Do you enjoy socializing with neighbors and friends?

In addition to providing a low maintenance lifestyle, independent living also allows you the opportunity to build relationships within your community. A wide range of activities are available in many communities, which are ideal for maintaining social interaction and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Social events range from learning workshops to wine tastings and book clubs. The community at Seafields, for instance, offers a multitude of professionally designed and guided social events so there’s never a dull moment.

3. Do you have a passion for the finer things in life?

Along with getting to know your neighbors and the community, you can also take advantage of the opulent amenities the area has to offer. Some communities provide 24-hour concierge services and transportation to membership-exclusive clubs and luxury retail shopping centers, as well as a number of fine dining options. Independent senior living provides you with a variety of options that will ensure your daily itinerary is filled with excitement and fun, as well as convenience and ease.

4. Do you wish to maintain an active lifestyle?

Most independent senior living communities place a special emphasis on health and wellness, in addition to creating a sense of community and maintaining a schedule. Typically, rural neighborhoods with ample land will offer a variety of trails and paths plus phenomenal views of nature, creating the perfect setting for sculpting one’s body, mind and spirit. Individual or group fitness classes are available, and most gyms are equipped with the latest technology to make your workout as enjoyable as possible. Luxury amenities, such as resort-style pools, can be a great way to keep fit, relax, and tap into a bit of mindfulness.

It’s essential to remain active during your post-retirement years and to take advantage of your leisure time in order to maintain a positive mental and physical health. For more information about staying active during retirement, read our blog.

5. Do you have or need regular access to healthcare services?

As you work out and maintain your physical fitness, you would like to feel assured that, in the event of an accident, you will be covered by adequate healthcare. Residents of Seafields have access to on-site medical facilities and medical services that can help address any sudden onset conditions. In addition to receiving treatment quickly, you will also be able to eliminate any concerns that might arise from visiting a healthcare provider, such as transportation and proximity.

When considering healthcare services in independent senior living communities, long-term care is also an important factor to consider. If you are concerned about the reputability of selected and trained individuals, you should check with your specific community.

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Make Yourself at Home at Seafields

If you are uncertain whether independent senior living is for you, it’s helpful to eliminate common myths and ask yourself specific questions. We at Seafields at Kiawah Island believe in providing our residents with a carefree, opulent lifestyle as well as a sense of fellowship and an abundance of recreational opportunities. Featuring 90 units with varying floor plans, our independent living residents will find that we help facilitate a seamless transition into a new phase of their lives.

As well as finely crafted and facilitated events, our 62+ life plan community offers reliable staff services, resort-style pools for relaxation, as well as a variety of dining options for both high-end and fast-casual dining. To learn more about joining the Seafields community, please contact our team by clicking the button below.