Seafields Invites You to Love Where You Live… At Every Age.

As residents and visitors collectively agree, once you experience the magic of Kiawah, you never want to leave. And very soon, you won’t have to. Seafields at Kiawah Island introduces an effortless, elegant new approach to active Island living for residents 62 years of age and older.

Here, in anticipation of the community taking shape, we present five great reasons to claim your place at Seafields today.

No. 1: It’s Important to Secure Your Future While You’re Healthy

You’ve always planned wisely, so why stop now? Seafields is all about planning the years ahead…and doing so while you’re healthy. If you’re 62+, you can start enjoying the vibrant Seafields lifestyle the moment you move in. With both an on-site MUSC facility for in-home services and an additional complex across the street, we have all your medical needs covered. And recognizing that 50-70% of seniors will need an increased level of care as they age, Seafields offers assisted living residences to those requiring it. Additionally, if ever needed, we’ve secured a preferred rate for a local state-of-the art nursing facility dedicated to specialized elder treatment.

No. 2: Continued Companionship Is Easy

Keep the friendships you’ve always cherished while welcoming treasured new ones. Line up the social outings, engaging activities, fitness pursuits, art classes, and dinner parties – and get to it. We’ll create the community and a palette of things to do, but every moment is up to you.

No. 3: Great Experiences Come Standard

Our distinctive amenities include a private theatre, spa and wellness center, genius bar, and pool. And our culinary experiences bring so much more to the table. From coffee bar snacks to fine dining, we’ll prepare healthy, delicious cuisine – under the watchful eyes of a nutritionist and talented kitchen staff. We recognize the magic inherent in friends dining together, or in memories evoked by a special dish, and we delight in the intimate connections celebrated over a magnificent meal.

No. 4: Membership Has Its Privileges

By bringing your Kiawah Island Club membership with you to Seafields – or applying for a Governors Club membership – you’ll enjoy the very best of Kiawah Island’s lifestyle offerings. Now that’s a win-win.

No. 5: Everything Is Included

Because taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, activities, meals, and more are included in your monthly fees, you’ll spend less time with personal accounting and far more time with the people and things you love. With time-consuming home upkeep tasks taken from your calendar, your To-Do List becomes your Love-To-Do List, and you’ll be liberated to pursue all your long-favored hobbies­ – as well as those yet to be discovered.

You’ve always loved Kiawah, so why leave? Keep the friends you’ve always cherished and stay close to the serenity and beauty of the Island through all the years to come. Seafields invites you to enjoy all the comforts of home—your home—in every rich, deep, soul-satisfying way.

Learn more about the process and how you can place your reservation today.